Cloud based learning management system (Witzscope): Witzscope is an intelligent learning management solution from Vanuston Intelligence. This online LMS software is cloud based. The software automates the entire learning and training process. This begins from naming a course and runs through course creation in accordance to your curriculum and can be completed with an evaluation. Every module has a preset built-in that can be used to your advantage. The presets and instant evaluation elements can make even the most boring courses interesting. You can launch multiple courses at a time and conduct multiple evaluations in an instant.With our easy to use LMS, implement new age learning, clear out administrative challenges and save your staff and other personnel from administrative overloads. The interface of this cloud based LMS is simple, elegant, and responsive. The Trainees/Students have their own panels to keep track of their progress with instant references from their courseware library. You can pre-schedule tests, gain detailed analysis of trainees performances and progress in the courseware.

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